Radiology Unit

Digital X-Ray Barium meal Barium enema Barium follow through Hysterosalphingography (HSG) Fistolography Cystourethrography IVP

Advanced Medical Laboratory

Is among the few advanced level laboratory service providers in Ethiopia. Works in collaboration with South Africa’s referral pathology laboratory (Path care). Services Provided Hematology Chemistry Immunoassay Parasitology Bacteriology Paternity testing Pathology Serology

Physiotherapy Unit

Services Provided Remedial care for stroke patients Sport injuries Arthritic conditions Orthopedic patients Pediatric abnormalities

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

10 bed medical & Surgical ICU 24hrs doctors attended 24hrs dedicated nurses Ventilator support Central Monitor Equipped with diagnostic facility Receives patients experiencing cardiac & thoracic problems Receives patients recovering from cardiothoracic & neurosurgery

Gastroentrology Unit

Features 2 Endoscopy / colonoscopy stations 9 scopes Dedicated facility Experienced specialists Services Provided Outpatient Clinic Endoscopy Colonoscopy Diagnostic Procedure Therapeutic Procedure

Cardiology Unit

Services Provided Outpatient Clinic Echo Cardiography (Adult & Pediatrics) Stress Test ECG ECG

Emergency Department

24 Hours Duty surgical and medical residents Deals with cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents or heart attack to minor cuts & bruises. Location Light railway exchange Major taxi hub Center of the Center

Gynecology & Obstetrics Unit

Services Provided Outpatient Clinic Antenatal Follow up Delivery SVD CS (Ceserian Section) Oncology Clinic Women Wellness Clinic PAP Smear Breast Cancer screening

Surgical Department

Features 4 operating theaters 2 Equipped with the latest patient support system Services Provided General Surgery Neurosurgery Gastroentrology Surgery Urology (Cystoscopic non invasive surgery) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Endocrine Surgery Spinal Surgery Cardiothoracic Surgery Orthopedic

Outpatient Care

Internal Medicine Department General Medicine Hematology Oncology Neurology Cardiology Pulmonology Nephrology (Renal Medicine) Gastroentrology Endocrinology

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