Background Information

Bethzatha is a private limited company established in the year 1996 to provide health care services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Bethzatha started its service in 1996 with a higher clinic around Olympia Square (Kirkos Sub City) and a free standing laboratory in Ambassador Theatre building. In 2003 Bethzatha established a 60 bed general hospital at Stadium area providing inpatient and outpatient services in several specialties. For over the past five years the general hospital has been giving medical care to over 100,000 patients per annum.

The General Hospital 

Bethzatha General Hospital, is a private health care provider located at the heart of the down town of the city, adjacent to Yidnekachew Tesema National Stadium. The hospital is dedicated to provide care to its patients and has a positive impact on overall health of the Addis Ababa community since its establishment in 2003.The hospital has the most senior team of specialists including general surgeons, internists, obstetrics and gynecologists, pediatricians, orthopedic surgeons, oncologists, hematologists, ENT specialists, ophthalmologists, and radiologists. Nurses and other healthcare providers are staffed with sufficient numbers and are committed in providing the quality of care that patients deserve.

The newly reorganized general Hospital has been opened and being operational since  June 01, 2018 has two wings, the Northern wing and the Southern Wing that have a total of 173 beds. The Northern Wing (the original hospital building) has 57 beds and currently is being renovated to became, MCH wing of the Hospital South wing (the new building) has 100 beds fully equipped with modern medical equipment and specious amenities. In addition, it has 10 bed Intensive care units (ICU), 6 Operating Rooms (OR) with modern sophisticated medical equipment.

The hospital is running with a total of 318 health professionals (58 specialist doctors, 3 general practitioners, 79 nurses, and 30 other health professionals) and about 148 management and support service workers.

The Specialty Clinic

The specialty center located on Bole Road around Olympia square has been operational for more than two decades as a higher clinic and is currently operating as a specialty centre organized as per the newly enacted private health service standard of Ethiopia. The center is specialized in Internal Medicine and is staffed with the most acknowledged specialist doctors in Internal Medicine and it is well equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and lab setup.

The center also has a pharmacy which is located next to the specialty center at Olympia. The pharmacy is equipped with medicines that are current and imported from major drug manufacturers. Availability of pharmacies at the service sites enable patients obtains all the services including pharmaceuticals on the spot.

The specialty center has a total of 53 staffs (5 specialist doctors, 1 general practitioner, 6 nurses, 2 other health professionals, and more than 40 management and support staffs).

The Advanced Medical Laboratory

Bethzatha’s dream of helping patients goes back to 1996 when it started the first free standing laboratory around Ambassador Theater that continues as a branch to the Central lab organized in the newly constructed hospital building at Stadium area. Bethzatha has been the pioneer in providing advanced laboratory services using the latest technology and supported by most qualified laboratory professionals. The major services of the advanced laboratory include:

  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Serology /Infectious Serology
  • Bacteriology
  • Hematology
  • Pathology
  • Immuno-chemistry
  • Basic microscopy (Parasitology and urinalysis)
  • Molecular Tests
  • Referral Tests

The central lab and its branch setup is staffed with about 39 professionals (21 senior professionals/technologists, 18 mid-level professionals/technologists) and 20 personnel in support units.

The New Hospital Project (East Addis Ababa)

BHS is in the process of constructing a technologically advanced, family-friendly and environmentally sustainable hospital for its clients (adults, youth, children and mothers). The new hospital expansion is set to have 150 beds, set to open in 2020/21 and will be located in Yeka Sub city along CMC road at a compound area of 6000 square meters.

This new general hospital project will address the growing   demand for increasingly complex health care delivery and limitations caused by poor facility design, failure to avail high level and rich mix of services while enhancing and sustaining its ability to deliver safe and excellent care –then and into the future. It will optimize hospital services and infrastructure, adding private rooms, family-friendly amenities and a flexible floor space the hospital needs to adapt to new technologies and to provide more efficient services.

The new hospital building will enable Bethzatha to deliver the most innovative technology and treatment equipment currently required for metropolitans of Addis Ababa City and beyond.  It will be home to a state-of-the-art emergency department (ED), critical care observation unit with the ED and all the other services listed in the ES3614:2012 standards of the Ethiopian standards agency will be housed in it so as to enable our patient’s access all what they need at our facility.

Such comprehensive health care delivery strategy has been recognized and praised as a magnet factor for patients who come to us to seek health care services (Market assessment finding).

I addition, the new hospital with the intention of  caring for those patients who are  increasingly travelling  abroad in search of  tertiary services, anticipates to  initiate tertiary health care services in Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology.

The new hospital will create job opportunity for  more than 300 people the mix of which will be  specialist doctors, GPs, General and Specialized Nurses, Para-medical and administrative staffs.

In the above mentioned ES3614:2012 standards of the Ethiopian standards agency, there are 32 service standards and each of these standards have corresponding requirements in relation to furniture, equipment, machinery and medical products.

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