Baby’s Health and Growth Record

Well- baby care

During the first year of life, the American academy of pediatrics recommends that healthy babies be seen by their health care providers at birth, at 2-4 days, if discharged from the hospital prior to 48 hours, by 1 month, and at 2,4,6,9 and 12 month.

The health care provider will weigh and measure your baby at each visit to determine whether growth and development are proceeding normally. Your baby’s vision, hearing, strength, coordination and social development will be followed closely. The health care provider will also counsel you about feeding your baby.

 A word about your baby’s Nutrition

This first year is the most critical time in your child’s nutritional life. Breastfeeding is the preferred feeding method an schedule be continued for as possible. If you choose not to breastfeed, or discontinue breastfeeding during the first year, you can be assured that infant formula such as Enfamil “ LIPIL” with iron provide the balanced nutrients your baby needs for growth and development. Enfamil LIPIL is patterned after breast milk and has DHA and ARA- nutrients also found in breast milk that support brain and eye development.

No cow’s milk please…

Both breast milk and infant formula are appropriate for infants under one year of age. Cow’s milk, however, should not be given to babies in the first year. Cow’s milk is all right for older children and adults, but not for infants less than a year old. Cow’s milk may be hard on infants’ digestive tracts and does not meet their nutritional needs.

Your Baby’s Feeding Is

  • Breast milk
  • Enfamil “LIPIL’’ with iron milk based infant formula
  • Enfamil LIPIL low iron milk- based infant formula
  • Enfamil PROSOBEE LIPIL soy based milk- free infant formula
  • Enfamil A.R LIPIL milk based infant formula thickened with added rice starch
  • ENFAMIL NUTRAMIGEN LIPIL hypoallergenic formula
  • Other

Breast milk or infant formula should be fed for the entire first year of life. Please do not make changes without consulting my office.

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